How often is the data updated?

The system uses data from several sources to give you the most comprehensive information that we can. The data is updated on a regular basis, and generally follows the release schedules for each source.

  • O*NET - A new version of the O*NET database is released in June of each year. More information on the O*NET release schedule can be found at
  • OES Wages - Wages are released annually and are generally published around May or June for the prior calendar year
  • OES Projections - Projections are released every other year
  • IPEDS Data- IPEDS college data is released annually around August or September.

The system also links off to other sites for Job Listings and other data. The data at those external sites are updated on a schedule determined by them. For more information on their data update schedules, you will need to visit their respective sites.

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